Demystifying the Cloud: What it is and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Have you been hearing the term “the cloud” a lot lately? For example, have you ever tried to view an old picture on your phone and seen a message saying, “Downloading this picture from the cloud?” Or perhaps you’ve heard your IT department talk about moving your email “to the cloud.” But what the heck[…]

Don’t Get Your Heart Broken: 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Social Media Questionnaires This Valentine’s Day

We’ve all seen these seemingly harmless, fun questionnaires on Facebook – “In honor of Valentine’s Day answer these questions about you and your significant other.” The post will go on to ask questions like where your first date was, what is your anniversary, and so on. It’s not just Valentine’s Day either, these types of[…]

Protect Yourself from Scammers: Why You Should Never Send Gift Cards to Your Boss Over Email

Picture this: You’re logging into your email on a Monday morning, and what do you see? Your boss sent an email from her email on her personal iPhone. She informs you she is stuck in a meeting and needs your help, but needs you to reply to her personal email address since she doesn’t have[…]