allesTEK Cloud Services

Introducing ACS, our fully-managed sync, share, and collaboration platform that comes with robust tracking and auditing capabilities, better security, and more features. ACS provides an easy way for your business to share and sync important data across multiple platforms while prioritizing security. It is our proprietary cloud collaboration platform with a dashboard that allows administrators to keep strict policies based on your organization’s needs.

Experience Seamless File Access Across All Your Devices:

With our cloud computing service, you’ll never have to worry about leaving important files behind. Whether it’s presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, or any other crucial data, you can access it from anywhere, on any device. Work with ease from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, or the web. Plus, whenever you make changes to a file, it automatically syncs across all your devices, giving you universal access to your files at all times.

Our cloud computing service provides not only universal file access and automatic syncing across all your stationary and mobile devices, but also managed file-sharing capabilities for both internal and external parties. In addition, we offer continuous, real-time backup for multiple folders, as well as file server enablement to allow remote access outside the office. With these features, your important files are always accessible and secure, no matter where you are.

With ACS, you can securely access your file server from anywhere, even when you’re outside the office. ACS maintains a bi-directional sync between your local file server and the cloud, ensuring that any changes made on the server are synced to the cloud and vice versa. This eliminates the need for complex and unreliable VPN and FTP solutions, providing a seamless and secure way to access your files from anywhere, on any device.

Enhance Your Business Collaboration with ACS Team Shares:

With our cloud computing service, collaborating on files with your team has never been easier. Our Team Shares feature allows multiple team members to access and share a folder and its contents from their phones, tablets, or computers. Plus, whenever a file is changed on a Team Share, everyone is instantly updated across all their devices. This seamless collaboration ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date files and can easily stay in sync, making teamwork more efficient and productive than ever before.

It is easy to collaborate on files using Team Shares in ACS. Multiple people can access and share a folder and its contents through phones, tablets, and machines. Anytime a file changes on your Team Share, everyone will get updated instantly on every device.

Secure Your Data With ACS’ Unmatched Security and Advanced Access Control

When it comes to security, allesTEK Cloud Services (ACS) is unmatched. With military-grade, 448-Bit Blowfish encryption, data is encrypted both in transit and at rest in the cloud, with SSL to ensure secure data transfers. Two-factor authentication is also available for extra security measures. ACS keeps deleted and changed files, making it easy to download or restore deleted files or previous versions from as far back as you need. With ACS, you can remotely wipe your company’s data from your users’ devices with just two clicks of the mouse in case of lost or stolen devices. Additionally, ACS’ Activity Log tracks when users add, delete, or change files, allowing you to know when colleagues have made changes to files in your shared folders and restore previous versions or deleted files when needed. With ACS, you can rest assured that your data is secure, easily accessible, and trackable.