About Us

At allesTEK, we’re passionate about providing exceptional IT services to businesses of all sizes. Our story begins in the 90s when our founders, Al Pfledderer and Les Basey, worked together at another company. Disappointed by the lackluster support that small and medium-sized businesses were receiving, they set out to create a company that would provide high-quality service at an affordable price.

In November 1999, they founded IntelliNet Consulting with a mission to deliver top-notch IT support. At the time, IT services were primarily done on-site, from rebooting a PC to manually installing server updates. As technology rapidly advanced, we evolved with it and became recognized as an industry leader in managed services.

In 2004, we rebranded as allesTEK, which translates to “everything technology” in German. The name was a happy coincidence as it also represented our founders’ names, Al and Les. Since then, we’ve remained at the forefront of the industry, implementing cutting-edge technologies in networking, cybersecurity, and everything else related to technology.

Today, allesTEK is led by Al Pfledderer, who has been in the industry for over 25 years. He has witnessed firsthand how cyberattacks have become a major concern for businesses of all sizes, causing devastating financial losses and damage to a company’s reputation. That’s why we prioritize cybersecurity and work tirelessly to protect our clients’ networks from cyber threats.

At allesTEK, we believe that every business deserves access to top-quality IT services. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop, we’re here to help you succeed. Contact us today to schedule a free vulnerability assessment and discover how we can help your business thrive.