About Us

The founders of allesTEK, Al Pfledderer and Les Basey, met in the 90s as coworkers at a different company. Dissatisfied with the level of service they saw their small and medium-sized business customers receiving, they knew they could do better. They started IntelliNet Consulting in November 1999 with the goal of providing high-quality support at a reasonable price for businesses of all sizes. At the time, IT services consisted of mostly driving out to a customer’s office to do everything from rebooting a PC to installing server updates literally by hand. When technology started rapidly developing so did our services, we became recognized as an industry leader with remote access allowing us to take the first steps towards being the managed service provider we are today.

As technology evolved, so did our company. In 2004, we rebranded with the name allesTEK – ‘alles’ is the German word for everything and ‘Tek’ is short for technology. A happy coincidence, our founders’ names Al + Les + technology = allesTEK. Through the years, we have consistently stayed ahead of the game implementing the latest cutting-edge technologies for our customers in networking, cybersecurity, and as our company name would imply everything technology.

In 2020, Les retired and Al became president of allesTEK. In the 25+ years that Al has been in this industry, he has seen a lot of change. He believes the biggest change has been in cybersecurity. Fifteen to twenty-five years ago IT companies’ biggest concerns were hardware failing on computers and restoring accidentally deleted files from a tape backup. Computer viruses were annoying but mostly harmless things like pop-ups that wouldn’t easily close. Today cyberattacks have come to be the next evolution of espionage and robbery which can cause devastating financial losses plus loss of data and a business’s reputation. Whether you are a massive international corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop, you are a target. Contact us (this will link to the contact us page) today to schedule your free network evaluation so we can help prevent your business from becoming the next victim.